• Understand and agree to the compensation and project dates
  • Be a team player and coachable - able to listen and receive direction.  While talent is important...an open and professional attitude is a requirement.
  • Be able to get around well in basic blues, rock, jazz, and R&B.  Know how to lay back, support the vocalist, and vamp when appropriate.
  • Be prepared to adjust your image and clothing to meet the style of the group and music
  • Have working professional equipment, a car, phone, computer, CD player, internet access, and reside in Houston
  • Be prepared to learn and rehearse music at home
  • Rehearsals will be in John's recording studio (under the headphones) until adequate "live" rehearsal space is found.  John's location is South of Clear Lake in the Dickinson-LaMarque area.
  • You must be healthy, drug free, not smoke, or drink in excess
  • Be open, ready to have fun, and work diligently to succeed
  • Lead Male Vocalist download PDF requirements file here:
Our Phase 1 goals are:

1) Complete a top-quality CD and DVD for sale to an existing fan base; 2) Perform stellar local 50 minute Live! shows, and
3) Establish a solid team and business.

Phase 1 Opportunities

To join our team read and meet the requirements listed below entitled "Instructions for full consideration" and submit as instructed.

Qualifying candidates will be contacted by John Wedergren for a phone interview and to discuss the business plan and compensation.  This takes ~ 45 minutes. 

In person interviews and auditions will be scheduled after phone interviews.  Our intention is to be complete by March 1, 2019.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to working together!

John Wedergren


Instructions for full consideration
This opportunity is open for the period 03/01/2019 until filled.

Wedergren Worldwide Entertainment is in the first phase of production of
a made for TV Sci-Fi Series entitled "FIVE" and is seeking production company partners and entertainment professionals to team with.  Excellent potential exists for long-term financial and creative fulfillment.

Our production phases, completions, and draft compensation packages are:

Phase                  Completion Date      Compensation

Phase 1:  Teaser          March 3, 2019             Shared production credit
                                                                       Fee/Teaming agreement

Phase 2:  Pilot             May 1, 2019                   Fee/Teaming agreement

Phase 3:  Season 1      August 1, 2019              Contract             

Click Poster* to discover more about FIVE
T h e      M e s s i a h      I s      A m o n g     Y o u
The Sci-Fi Series
Synopsis:  Special agents John Thompson and Sarah Daniels must save five youth whose encounter with an alien spacecraft has given them special powers and made them targets of religious and clandestine forces.
We are seeking teaming partners and team members for the following movie and music projects.  Follow the instructions for full consideration. 
Movies and Television
  • Bassist*
  • Drums*
  • Keyboardist*
  • Lead Male Vocalist
  • Back Up Vocalists (Male and Female)
Out  Of  Darkness
Click Photo for larger view
*An existing rhythm section is preferred but not required
Song Candidates

1.     She’s A Real Go-Getter
2.     Angel
3.     Sarah Smiles
4.     Come Take Me
5.     Around The World
6.     1000 Years
7.     Out Of Darkness
8.     Right Time
9.     I Stand Alone
10.   Sonora Nights
11.   Here I Stand
      (on the edge of my dream)
Phase 1 Opportunities

We seek to team with production companies, animators, and actors to complete our "ready-to-shoot" stories with the intention of forming a long-term working partnership.

Our made for TV Sci-Fi Series "FIVE" is first in line followed by additional redemptive based productions in the genres of Sci-Fi, Comedy, and Drama.

Our goal for Phase 1 is to complete a top-quality trailer ("teaser") that we can submit to our resource network to obtain funding and network placement for the Pilot.

Examples of our storyboarding capacity are listed below (sound coming soon).

Production Companies and Animators:

Interested companies should e-mail a description of your production capacity, key contact, and contact information to: johnwedergren@gmail.com


Stay tuned to this page and our postings on Houston's Film and Acting groups on Facebook for casting announcements.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to making top-tier entertainment media together!

John Wedergren

This opportunity is open for the period 01/01/2019 until filled.

Guitarist John Wedergren is seeking team members for the “Out of Darkness” CD, DVD, & Live! Show project.  Excellent potential exists for
long-term financial and creative fulfillment.

Our project phases, completion dates, and compensation packages are:

Phase                   Completion DateCompensation

Phase 1:  11-Song CD     August 3, 2019             Credit for contribution 
               and DVD                        Fee from CD, DVD, sales                                                                   and TBD revenue

Phase 2:  Live! Show      August 3, 2019             Credit for contribution
                                                                         Salaried contract

Phase 3:  Live! Show      August 1, 2020    

  Refer to this page as all project announcements will be listed here.

  Refer to this page as all project announcements will be listed here.

Join John on
Rock and Rock Blues
CD and Live! Show
*All posters and artwork for "FIVE" are drafts and intended to suggest the ideas and concept of the Series and are not final Key Art.
Static storyboard images

Animated storyboard draft

  • Production Companies and Animation/3D Modeling
  • Actors
  • Name, phone, e-mail, and best contact time
  • Vocal range and type (list register range and type)
  • Equipment list
  • Links to demo music you have and upcoming gigs (if any)
  • Any other information to assist us in considering you
Draft Website Link:  John Wedergren
Draft "Out of Darkness" Podcast
Click on thumbnails to view full size
Contact:  (832)-845-3465

If you meet the requirements listed above send the following to Guitarist
John Wedergren at: johnwedergren@gmail.com
Copyright 2000 - 2019 Wedergren Worldwide.  All Rights Reserved.

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