Committed to his fans, John uses coaches and choreographers to ensure his live show is top notch.  "It is ALL about the people who come to see us play...nothing less than the best is what they deserve," says Wedergren.  But then again...if you are used to living on the edge as John does, that may be just par for the course. 
Rich from experiences in the U.S. Space program and fascinated with mythology, John weaves themes about the human condition through his songs.
"Out Of Darkness", Wedergren's first release is emblematic of his own stuggle to "go past" all the barriers - both self-imposed and real.  John says:  "It's about learning to love yourself enough to see your dream to fruition.  Out Of Darkness is a tribute to those on that path."
Influenced by rock guitarists Frank Marino, Robin Trower, and Eric Johnson and R&B greats James Brown, Albert Collins, and Anita Baker, John creates music with sophistication, stimulation, and soul.  He says:  "I'm interested in giving my audience something valuable to take home with influence their lives in some significant way."
Nicknamed "Edge" by friends who marveled at his capacity for defining new territory, John Wedergren's blend of rock and soul is pushing the edge of music's already rich tapestry.
Wedergren remarks:  "I've always been an explorer...and, quite emotional.  So, hopefully I combine those parts of me in a way to give my listener's something provacative...something they can benefit from."
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John talks about creating the "Out Of Darkness" CD
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